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About us



What our patients say


“My husband and I moved to Mathews three years ago and the thought of needing a dentist never crossed my mind, to be honest. Not a fan of them. My husband had a dental emergency and I called Smiles of Mathews and the next thing they said was ‘how soon can he get here?’. He was in and out with a treatment plan in less than an hour…Dr. Marks has been nothing but phenomenal. I don’t have the dentist anxiety anymore. He makes sure I’m calm, very painless for the most part and he will actually sing to you, or sing along while working, which makes you feel awesome…I would highly, highly recommend them. I’ve been nothing but ecstatic with them.”


“I just went through a twelve month process of Invisalign. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about it, at my age…But I was more concerned with my smile, the way I look, my teeth. I started out with a big gap. I wanted Dr. Burden to close it. As the process went on with the Invisalign, my gap began to close a little bit more and more. I gained more and more confidence. I started looking different, I started feeling different and overall I just began to improve my outlook on life. My co-workers and things started noticing, my teeth were closing in, I no longer had the gap. I could smile more and I started to feel so good about myself…Everyone here is so helpful and so encouraging throughout the whole process!”


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Marks ever since he came to Mathews County. My husband now comes here and my two children. We’ve had great experiences. We come every six months for our cleanings. I’ve had a cavity filled by him. I have dentist phobia. He was very gentle, no pain, no complaints. I also had bleaching done here with whitening trays that he made. They were so simple, they were ready the next day, and they worked! I recommend Dr. Marks and his team. Everyone is nice and you won’t regret coming here.”


Rommie had orthodontic treatment

“My experience prior to coming here was lacking to say the least. I have been pleased with the educational experience I have gained through being a patient. My teeth are much more aligned and I received extensive cleaning. As a result I have become a much happier and confident individual. I’m constantly working in a professional environment and I believe my confidence is shining through more now that my teeth are improving.”


Wanda appreciates our friendly staff and excellent care she receives on her visits.
“I have been to two other dentists before Dr. Burden and they were always a bad experience. I had work done that did not need to be done, or work was done improperly. Friends had told me about Dr. Burden and I was skeptical at first, but I went anyway! What a great experience! Dr. Burden was so different. He explained everything and why I needed work done. He is also the friendliest dentist I have ever been to. He never rushed me when I had questions. The staff here is amazing and it’s actually a fun place to visit! Also, if you have a problem after hours, Dr. Burden will come in so you don’t have to be in pain. The office always calls after visits to see how I am doing. This is a great place and I have a wonderful smile thanks to Dr. Burden.”


Judith had periodontal treatment and veneers
“It was worth trying and I needed a dentist since I was new in town. I hated my front teeth for many years. My prior experience with dentistry was awful! As a result, I neglected regular checkups. Now I love my smile and I’m not afraid to show my teeth. I have greater self-confidence. Everyone is genuinely caring and friendly.”


Judy is completely satisfied with her new porcelain crown.
“The most recent treatment, an in-house crown replacement, was quite amazing. It was complicated by being difficult to reach, but Dr. Burden did a good job. The procedure was painless and the result was perfect.

“The entire crown replacement was completed with state of the art technology in the hands of Dr. Burden, in his office, in just a few hours.”