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I had neglected my teeth and gums for several years and needed extensive work. Before coming to Dr. Burden I hated the pain, cleanings and entire experience of the dentist’s office. Now my teeth and gums are in the best condition ever. Originally Dr. Burden thought I needed more periodontal work. However, through his hard work and my persistence, he got my gums healthy without the periodontal work. Dr. Burden has been awesome. I have not experienced any pain from any procedure. I never thought that would be possible. I love the office atmosphere and personnel. Nicole does my cleanings and is just great!


“Upon relocating from Alaska on military orders, we researched on the internet for a credible and great family dentist. We’ve been patients since 2008! We like the positive, friendly environment and the feeling of how we are the reason they are here. We are treated with dignity and respect.

“My initial visit was for a routine cleaning and examination. My prior dentist severely damaged my teeth after the performance of a root canal resulting in me receiving bridges. Dr. Burden has given me proper care for lifelong benefits of retaining my natural teeth. Dr. Burden and his staff even responded to an emergency call for pain. He responded immediately and saw me within 20 minutes of the call. The situation was stabilized and the follow up was on the next business day. Dr. Burden is extremely professional and has an awesome disposition.”


“What interested us in coming here was the courteous staff, Dr. Burden’s reputation for great dental work, and the total family environment. Prior to coming here our experience with dentistry had a lack of continuity, a lack of sincerity and lack of family environment. The benefits of coming to Dr. Burden is overall better well being, brighter smile and professional appearance. I liked that he was professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I have an overall positive, pleasant and healthy feeling when I leave the dental office after each appointment.”


“The staff here is very kind and knowledgeable, everybody has been in a great mood every visit I’ve been hear which takes away some of the nerves of being in a dentist office.  The hygienist is an absolute gem, she’s wonderful!!  Dr. Barrett was also really great, very gentle and you can tell he genuinely cares about each and every patient.  I’d highly recommend coming here.”


“Dr. Barrett has been such a wonderful dentist.  He’s kind caring and has a sense of humor!!!  He really cares about the work he does and keeping the cost to a minimum….(no unnecessary work).  I would highly recommend Dr. Barrett and his staff as they are all WONDERFUL!!!”


” I experienced a very painful dental experience while on duty in the military.  After that encounter, dental visits caused a great deal of anxiety.   The dental work performed by Dr. Barrett today put all my anxiety to rest.  Dr. Barrett is very knowledgeable, reassuring and patient.  I highly recommend Dr. Barrett for your dental needs…”


“I needed a lot of dental work done and the office staff worked wonderfully with me especially with payment of the work needing done.  They are very professional and Dr. Barrett is wonderful.  I’m currently pregnant and he was so caring about not putting me back in the chair too much so I didn’t get dizzy.  He always asks how I’m doing throughout the procedure.  I’m so glad I fount this office.  They come highly recommended .”


Rommie had orthodontic treatment
“I was looking for a good dentist in the Williamsburg area and heard great things from many of their patients. I was interested in coming to Dr. Burden because of the great things I heard and the welcoming experience I had when filling out my new patient forms. I hadn’t been to the dentist in years so I came in hopes to correct my teeth alignment and do the normal checkups as well.

“My experience prior to coming here was lacking to say the least. I have been pleased with the educational experience I have gained through being a patient. My teeth are much more aligned and I received extensive cleaning. As a result I have become a much happier and confident individual. I’m constantly working in a professional environment and I believe my confidence is shining through more now that my teeth are improving.

“Dr. Burden has a friendly demeanor and is extremely professional! I wouldn’t choose another dentist to do my dental work. I also really enjoy the educational approach he takes when working with patients. What I like about the practice was the courteous staff and excellent service. As a patient of Dr. Burden I feel like a part of the family, which I feel plays an integral role in today’s business culture.”


Wanda appreciates our friendly staff and excellent care she receives on her visits.
“I have been to two other dentists before Dr. Burden and they were always a bad experience. I had work done that did not need to be done, or work was done improperly. Friends had told me about Dr. Burden and I was skeptical at first, but I went anyway! What a great experience! Dr. Burden was so different. He explained everything and why I needed work done. He is also the friendliest dentist I have ever been to. He never rushed me when I had questions. The staff here is amazing and it’s actually a fun place to visit! Also, if you have a problem after hours, Dr. Burden will come in so you don’t have to be in pain. The office always calls after visits to see how I am doing. This is a great place and I have a wonderful smile thanks to Dr. Burden.”


Judith had periodontal treatment and veneers
“It was worth trying and I needed a dentist since I was new in town. I hated my front teeth for many years. My prior experience with dentistry was awful! As a result, I neglected regular checkups. Now I love my smile and I’m not afraid to show my teeth. I have greater self-confidence. Everyone is genuinely caring and friendly.”


Judy is completely satisfied with her new porcelain crown.
“The most recent treatment, an in-house crown replacement, was quite amazing. It was complicated by being difficult to reach, but Dr. Burden did a good job. The procedure was painless and the result was perfect.

“The entire crown replacement was completed with stateof- the-art technology in the hands of Dr. Burden, in his office, in just a few hours.”